Vivo Y72 5g UK Review – An In Depth Look At This Excellent Mobile Phone

Vivo Y72 5G is a new smartphone from Vivo that will be hitting the markets in a short time. This device is powered by the HiFi+ series of smartphones from Vivo. The new smartphone from Vivo is going to be launched in near future. It comes with an octa-processor and is being manufactured by Vivo. It features the new Vivo Y series of smartphones with the cutting edge chipset soC with the Exynos 9910 octa-processor, 3.0 GHz CPU plus 1.4 GHz RAM.

According to the speculations, Vivo Y 72 5G features a lot of unique features such as it has a neat dual camera module, big and large pixels cameras with f/2.2 aperture, optical zoom, image stabilization and fast charging support. It can take high resolution pictures and videos and it will support video conversion and editing applications that are based on the Android operating system. It is also being compatible with Android Kit Kat 4.4 and higher, as it is compatible with the older OS platforms such as Gingerbread and predecessors. It also has a very unique and powerful hardware interface, namely the FunTouch interface that enables quick and smooth operation.

The looks of the Vivo Y 72 5G are very appealing with its dual HD capacitive touchscreen. The phone has a very nice and large bezel along with an aluminium frame that gives it a nice and solid look. There are silver lines that run around the entire phone and this is what gives it a futuristic look. Apart from the metallic finish, it has a nice silver metal tone keyboard with a big space key at the centre. The large keys make it easier for you to type quickly without having to stretch your fingers.

This handset is powered by the same iips lcd panel as the vivo y72 5g ones found in the Vivo Y Play and the Play. The dual HD capacitive touchscreen is also present along with an eight-point capacitance. The resolution of the screen is quite nice and it offers good brightness. The aspect ratio of the handset is 6.58 inches which is a little higher than the iPhone 5s which has a screen resolution of 5 inches. The thickness is just one inch and it can be described as flat.

One of the interesting features of the Vivo Y 72 series is its virtual keyboard. This is present on some of the high end phones available in the market today and it makes it easy to use the keyboard. You can use it to send SMS and e-mails easily. Apart, from that you can also customize your own wallpaper and make use of the Android tools available to enhance your phone.

The camera of the handset is a rear shooter with a 2.5-inch Super AMOLED touch screen. It has a nice auto focus system and has a manual mode along with a normal shooting mode. This gives you plenty of choices when you want to take pictures. It comes with a 2021 megapixel camera and this is one of the best cameras you can find on the market. The aspect ratio of the lens is 18:9 which is one of the highest when it comes to the android phones.

When it comes to connectivity the Vivo Y72 series features a complete range of connectivity options that you can enjoy. It offers a USB Type-C port for data transfer and you can also connect the handset to your computer via a USB cable. There is a SIM tray which allows you to insert a SIM card and this is located in the bottom right corner of the phone. A charging dock is also included which is a nice feature as you do not have to carry around an additional charger in order to charge the phone.

This is one of the best devices which can be used in conjunction with Windows as it has the Windows operating system pre installed. With a memory card it is possible to add up to two hundred and fifty songs and this can come in handy if you want to listen to music whilst you are travelling. If you want to keep track of your calls then there is a call recorder which is also present in the handset. The built in memory of the device can support up to two hundred and fifty hours of recording time and this can be further enhanced with the help of the removable memory card which can be added in. The handset comes with a microSD slot which is located in the top left corner and this can support up to two hundred and fifty MB of additional data.